Southeast Montana, How Well Do You Know Your Meat?

Choice fare from C & K Meats - Montana Western Flavors is only a phone call away

Imagine biting into a juicy choice steak that’s been charcoal kissed and grilled to perfection, or tearing into fall-off-the bone pork ribs. Turn that vision into a reality by choosing C & K Meats - Montana Western Flavors for all your custom cuts of meat.

For more than 18 years, C & K Meats has been providing choice quality cuts of meat and custom processing services to residents in Southeastern Montana who want to taste the best.

We’re a cut above the rest!

At C & K Meats - Montana Western Flavors, we pride ourselves on offering Southeastern Montana residents the best cuts and choice grades of meats with no preservatives or additives. By purchasing your hand cut meat from us, you’ll enjoy delicious, natural food that’ll more than satisfy your taste buds.

We offer a wide range of different choice cuts and while our experts can tell you the difference, picking the right choice can indeed be confusing. We feature a variety of selections of beef, pork and seafood including:

• Beef Steaks
• Beef Roasts
• Ground Beef & Patties
• Pork
• Sausages
• Smokehouse Specialties
• Seafood & More

In the meat industry, there are certain standards that determine the quality of meat. "Choice" equals champagne in adult beverage terms. Choice grade meets specific quality standards set by the USDA. It is simply the best – in flavor, taste and trim.

Whether you’re a meat master or new to custom cuts, C & K Meats - Montana Western Flavors in Forsyth, MT, is home to the experts who will help you find the cut that will satisfy your hearty meat cravings.

Let us "meat" your needs

Our Meat Guarantee

Start With Your Own, End With Your Own – We Guarantee It! The meat you bring in will be what you get back – it's never mixed with anyone else's meat. We'll process it to your specifications. Whether this involves the custom processing of your beef, pork, or lamb, or turning your game into a smokehouse specialty or sausage of choice, it's all yours.

If you’re tired of the same old store cuts of meat, come to C & K Meats - Montana Western Flavors or call 406-346-7660. Not only do we process and package choice quality meat, we also have a full line of specialty smokehouse meats and products with truly delicious flavors.

Cities We Are Close To

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