Our History

The History of C & K Meats-Montana Western Flavors

During his bachelor days, Curt built his first smokehouse beginning with an old refrigerator and his vea-touch-of-curt%27s-expertise-1ry own custom design.

During those refrigerator-smokehouse years, Curt was working on his family’s ranch and actually had his beef processed at the shop he now owns. The family owned and operated a ranch 30 miles south of Forsyth. A few short years later and more refrigerator-turned-smokehouses, Curt's hobby turned into a business.

In the early 1980's, Curt’s friends would make requests for his jerky and sausages.

In 1996, his dream became a reality when Curt, his wife, Karla, and family moved to Forsyth, Montana and purchased the abandoned and vacant building at 1109 Front Street, which had been the local butcher shop know as "Modern Locker". Getting the building ready for business was quite the undertaking! After over a year of construction, remodeling, and the purchase and installation of equipment they were finally ready.

The doors of C&K Meats/Montana Western Flavors opened for business in February 1998 with a fresh retail meat counter and custom processing.  Thankfully, after many years, Karla finally convinced him to write his recipes down.  In the beginning C&K was a mom and pop shop, where Curt and Karla were guided by Jim Wilson the owner of Modern Locker, who was a veteran of the meat business, with over 20 years of cutting under his belt.

The business has grown through the years, and now has seven employees on staff. They have evolved from wrapping meat in white butcher paper to cryovac, which allows the customer to see each cut of meat and guarantees freshness. Retail meats are aged and frozen convenience. They take great pride and have integrity, for both custom processing and the retail side of their business. Curt and Karla have built their business around honesty and integrity. They personally guarantee customers will get all of their own meat back.

To this day, the meat shop is still family owned and operated.

They invite you to stop in and let your nose tell the difference!

For choice quality beef, pork, smokehouse specialties, seafood, and more, it's C&K Meats/Montana Western Flavors at 1109 Front Street, Forsyth Montana.